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Zhouyu is a Chinese kitchen that brings you the traditional flavours and cooking techniques from the provinces of Sichuan, Hunan and Canton.

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Zhouyu stays true to traditional Chinese cooking methods, using the freshest local produce and saying a firm no to MSG

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Our Specialties

Fresh, Local Ingredients

Freshness is a hallmark of Cantonese cuisine, and one we adhere to at Zhouyu. Traditional Chinese dishes also use several vegetables local to India as well! Bottle gourd, brinjal and taro to name a few – with fresh, locally-sourced produce, we serve you food that heroes every ingredient, the Chinese way!

Balance of Yin & Yang

In traditional Chinese medicine, the balance of yin & yang in the body is believed to regulate a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Every dish at Zhouyu is diverse and centered around the concept of balance – of flavours, textures and colours, and even cooking styles.


At Zhouyu, we follow a strict ‘no MSG’ policy. In fact, we’ve managed to perfect the complexity of the traditional Chinese ‘Xian’ flavour by layering our ingredients through a precise process. A flavour captured beautifully in our house-made XO sauce, we think we’ve mastered the ‘Xian’ – no MSG required!

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