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The Golden Palate – If you are at a vacation or for any event in Mahabalipuram, you will get the luscious food cuisine at a restaurant in Mahabalipuram. The mouthwatering flavors are available where you will have the most memorable dining. The menu is ‘modern’ which is created by the chef from which you can pick your favorites. You can enjoy in the best vegetarian restaurant in Mahabalipuram with different selections on lunch and dinner which will surely bring you the best memories.

Restaurant Amenities

A menu of vegetarian multicuisine fare served in the simple in-house restaurant of long-time hotel.

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Signature Dishes

Indian Bread


Rice & Noodles

South Indian Thali Meals

Main Course 


Paneer Butter Masala

Masala Rice Balls

Paneer Pasanda

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